Improve the management and control of delivery dates for purchases with Axcite Procurement

If you process many purchase orders with long transport times in your purchasing department, you can improve the management and control of confirmed delivery deadlines and obtain a range of benefits with Axcite Procurement.   

Achieve higher delivery performance on your sales agreements with this new forecast function

The Axcite Sales add-on module – developed for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – can add another tool to the list of value-added functions in order to streamline the sales process in medium and large-sized companies.   

Dual-write will ensure higher data quality for D365 users and a better user experience

Microsoft has launched a new integration solution, Dual-write, which will streamline interactions between the Dynamics 365 applications, and improve the user experience significantly.   

Here is how you carry out the cumulative updates in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Always carry out a thorough test before you release Microsoft's latest update in your business system. Ask our Development Manager's advice on the best way to handle the cumulative updates in Dynamics 365.   

What impact will One Version have on your company?

When you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, this will be your last big ERP update. Minor cumulative updates on a regular basis will ensure that your ERP system is always updated to the latest version.   

Do you have complete control over confirmed delivery dates?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Axcite Sales will give you greater control over confirmed delivery dates.