Axcite Transportation

Control your shipments directly from your ERP system 


Increased efficiency and higher quality

Axcite Transportation, that integrates your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system with the nShift Webshipper (former Consignor) freight platform, makes it easy for you to manage your shipments using parameter settings and predefined data in your ERP system. Very little information has to be entered which minimizes the risk of errors and streamlines the whole shipping process.

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What Axcite Transportation can do for you

By integrating your ERP system with the freight platform nShift, you will be able to manage shipments directly from your ERP system, which not only makes the whole process more efficient, it also gives you a number of advantages.

Information directly from Dynamics 365

Everything is controlled in Dynamics 365 via parameter setup and predefined data. A minimum of information has to be recorded. In practice, this means that the person who packs the goods can handle the entire process and that the risk of errors is minimised when shipping packages.


Waybill information via the Internet

The Consignor program transfers waybill information via the Internet and supports most major freight carriers, including GLS, UPS, FedEx and DHL. It manages printing one type of label for all carriers and the combined retrieval of multiple shipments. It is also possible to handle different printing and collection points.


Track & Trace

The Axcite Transportation module has a built-in Track & Trace feature which can be used where the freight carrier supports it. Since Dynamics 365 handles both input from and output to nShift Webshipper, it is possible to constantly monitor how far a given shipment of goods has come via the updated data. This means that you can look up your sales orders/shipments directly and see where the shipment is, while talking to the customer on the phone. The integration module supports output directly from the customer, sales order, supplier and purchase order as a standard feature.


The tangible benefits you'll enjoy

Axcite Transportation makes shipment handling easy and effective. 

You benefits include:

Manage the entire shipment process in Dynamics 365

Simplify the work involved in shipments

Avoid bottlenecks during times of peak load

Use the same label printer for all freight carriers

Get the costs automatically into Dynamics 365 from the supplier

Easier to train new employees and temporary workers

Fewer or no additional costs from having to ship the same product again

Better opportunities for providing customer service

For the Warehouse Manager the benefits are: 

  • Efficiency: More efficient shipment processes.

  • Minimal extra costs: It will no longer be necessary to pay for the same goods to be shipped again.

  • Easier staffing: The solution requires a minimum of system knowledge, so it is easy to assign new employees during holiday leave etc.

  • Fewer mistakes: Potential errors are minimised when the system automatically generates much of the information that would otherwise have to be entered for the shipment.

  • Traceability: With Track & Trace direct in Dynamics 365 FO/AX, you are constantly aware of where all shipments are located.

For the Sales Responsible the benefits are:

  • Simpler business procedure: One system is used to manage all shipments.

  • Traceability: You can always tell the customer where the shipment is by simply looking up the sales order.

  • Customs invoice automatically printed: The system automatically prints a customs invoice if needed.

  • Flexible execution with fewer errors: Less risk of bottlenecks in the shipment and failed deliveries minimised.

  • Shipping rates are automated: The shipping rate is automatically returned to Dynamics 365 from the freight carrier.

For the shipment employeer the benefits are:

  • Faster workflows: Your shipments will be processed faster and there is less chance of backlogs when under pressure.

  • One printer for all freight carriers: You no longer need to keep track of different printers and labels.

  • Easier to work with packing notes: The system automatically fills out most of the fields on the packing note.

  • Customs invoice automatically printed: The system automatically prints a customs invoice if needed.

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