Axcite Business Intelligence

Make smarter decisions with data-driven insights

You need strong BI tools to run a data-driven business

Your company's ability to collect, utilize, understand and act on data is the key to operating a pro-active, data-driven business.

A strong Business Intelligence solution gives you greater insight into what drives your business and what is needed to make it stronger – and can show you precisely where in the value chain you are making money or losing it. 

That is why we have developed Axcite Business Intelligence. To make it easier for our clients to make data-drives decisions. 

Axcite Business Intelligence collects all data sources in one Data Warehouse

Axcite Business Intelligence has been developed to put your company in the lead when it comes to collecting data, transforming and creating transparency across the organization as a whole. This is where the journey to become a data-driven organization starts. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365' design includes a whole series of standard cubes that have been constructed directly around the Dynamics 365 database and contain data sourced only from here. 

As an alternative to these standard cubes, Bredana Axcite has developed Axcite Business Intelligence, one single Data Warehouse for Dynamics 365 containing everything you need. It is a separate database in which data from both Dynamics 365 and other data sources is processed in data cubes. The cubes have been specially designed to work with Dynamics 365 and have been adapted to meet the needs that are most common in Danish and European companies. 

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What Axcite Business Intelligence can do for you

The module combines data foundation and presentation, which gives a range of opportunities to transform data into valuable insights.

Combine all data from multiple sources in one Data Warehouse 

With Axcite Business Intelligence, you can combine data from Dynamics 365 and other data sources in one Data Warehouse, making it easier to manage and compare data. Other data sources may be things such as historic data from previous ERP systems or data that is stored in other databases, systems or spreadsheets. 


Dashboard in Dynamics 365 

The front page of Dynamics 365 presents the user’s Dashboard – a collection of the Workspaces the user has to work with. For each of these Workspaces, the user can also view the number of open tasks within the given area.


Power BI directly integrated into Dynamics AX

Power BI visually presents trends and developments, for example in smart Dashboards that allow you to drill down into the figures. You can share them with your colleagues, and you can access Power BI on your smartphone or tablet. Elements from Power BI have been built directly into Dynamics 365, from where you are guided into Power BI, based in the Azure cloud.


TARGIT Business Intelligence 

TARGIT is recommended as an even more advanced BI presentation platform. The creation and maintenance of reports and presentations is significantly more user-friendly in TARGIT, making it easier to create your own presentations and reports.



A Cloud-based solution

Our solution is integrated with Microsoft Azure Cloud, which is your guarantee of minimal maintenance, a solution that is always updated, and high performance, no matter how much data is stored. 



The tangible benefits you'll enjoy

Axcite Business Intelligence makes it easier to create valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. 

Your benefits include:

Greater insight into your own business

Generally improved decision support

Easier to share information

Flexible and user-friendly dashboards

Easier to structure reports in familiar formats

Precise analyses

We help you make data-driven decisions

Our skilled financial consultants have many years of experience working with advanced data and visualization. We know the data structure used in Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX and the technique behind it really well, and know how best to approach data extraction, how you should use visualization, and what you need to be aware of. 

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