Axcite VAT Validation 

Automatic validation of EU VAT identification numbers


Simplifies VAT free trading

Companies who are exempt from VAT when trading with other EU countries must verify their clients' VAT identification numbers. Doing this manually can be a time-consuming process, but with Axcite VAT Validation, it is easy to check your business partners' VAT identification numbers automatically when they supply EU deliveries.

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What Axcite VAT Validation can do for you

Axcite VAT Validation is an extension of your Microsoft AX system, which makes it easier to validate EU VAT identification numbers.

Automatic master data evaluation

Using the specially-developed solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can check the VAT identification number, name and address automatically and compare it with the EU´s VIES (VAT Information Exchange System). This can either be done manually or can be run as a periodic check. The reply that is received is stored on the client's master data sheet. It includes the request ID number as proof that the number has been checked as well as the client name and address, and is matched with the information that is held in Dynamics AX.



The solution is time-saving when you set up a debitor or creditor in the system, as validation of the VAT identification number is done automatically. On the individual debtor or creditor can see whether the correct VAT identification number, name and address are registered.


Reporting feature

Axcite VAT Validation allows you to print out a report for SKAT (The Danish Tax Agency) or an accountant as one single document showing that all VAT identification numbers have been validated, and when the most recent validation was done.


The tangible benefits you'll enjoy

Axcite VAT Validation makes it easier to validate EU VAT identification numbers.

Your benefits include:

An easier, time-saving workflow

Automatic validation of your business partners´ VAT identification numbers

A reporting feature that makes it easy to document that all VAT identification numbers have been validated

The ability to manage all of it via your Microsoft ERP system

Peace of mind from knowing that an item cannot be used without having the required master data

Defined field values that are filled in automatically when the product is released

Greater security, as the system prevents mistakes being made when things get hectic

Time-saving: Updating master data becomes a much simpler task

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