Axcite EDI

Digital integration makes everything just that little bit easier

Put the flow back in workflow!

If you receive a large volume of procurement documents or sales orders by e-mail or telephone, and use a disproportionately amount of time manually inputting purchase order lines into your ERP system, an EDI integration has the potential to streamline your order flow considerably.

With Axcite EDI, that integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the BizBrains EDI portal, you'll get a stable, consistent and automatic exchange of procurement and sales documents such as orders, order confirmations, packing slips and invoices that can support all EDI formats.

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What Axcite EDI can do for you

A lot of time can be saved on order processing if the exchange of documents between business partners can be done automatically.

Fixed in-house format

Axcite EDI Integration gives you a set of fixed formats that connect your Dynamics 365 with the EDI portal from BIZbrains. This means that no code has to be changed in Dynamics 365 if you connect new EDI partners.


Handling of different EDI formats

Your partners use different EDI formats. This is handled by the EDI portal from BIZbrains, who are experts in the area. This makes the solution in Dynamics AX standardised and simple.


Many types of documents

The Axcite EDI Integration handles orders, confirmations, packing notes and invoices – both as incoming and outgoing documents.


The tangible benefits you'll enjoy

Axcite EDI makes maintenance for incoming and outgoing documentation easy.

Your benefits include:

Offer customers and suppliers EDI integration

Minimise incorrect data entry

Integrate directly with the EDI Portal

Better customer service

Greater customer satisfaction

Less data entry

Greater customer loyalty

For the Procurement Department it means: 

  • Simplified procedures: Orders to suppliers are handled quickly and electronically. You save time because the order is sent automatically.

  • Good traceability: The electronic transfer is logged and can subsequently be easily traced.

  • Minimised errors: Sources of error due to manual processing are eliminated.

For the Sales Department it means:

  • Avoid entering data: Orders from customers are received electronically and you do not have to manually enter them.

  • Automation: When orders are received automatically, you do not just save time. You also minimise one source of errors.

  • Faster order processing: You will be able to service your customers faster. This increases customer satisfaction.

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