Manage the sales orders you receive more efficiently and confirm delivery times faster

A strong add-on solution that streamlines the sales process

Axcite Sales is an enhancement to the standard sales functionality in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and consists of a number of smart features that streamline the whole sales order process.

The solution makes the work of receiving and processing sales orders easier. Orders received as spreadsheets are uploaded using a special feature that means you no longer need to type in each individual item. In addition, it also makes it easier to get a total overview of delivery times and manage them more efficiently using an enhanced Available-to-Promise function (ATP).

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What Axcite Sales can do for you

Axcite Sales includes a number of features that streamline the whole sales order process by e.g. importing sales lines from a file and making it easier to calculate delivery times more accurately.

More precise delivery times

Axcite Sales allows a more precise indication of delivery times as the delivery date can be  periodically recalculated based on new knowledge gained. The ATP (available-to-promise) function in standard Dynamics 365 has been extended with additional date fields, making it easy to follow changes.


Flexible sales order importing

If an order is sent as a spreadsheet, it can be imported into Dynamics 365 using a handy function in Axcite Supply Chain. This avoids manually entering order lines.


Consolidate order lines

You can easily consolidate your order lines making it possible to manage them as one large delivery or several smaller deliveries to your customer. This function also makes the picking process more efficient as you easily can manage how the order should be picked and sent. 


Improve your delivery performance

A smart forecast function can use data from a sales agreement to calculate expected sales forecasts, providing the quantities of the relevant product that the customer is expected to purchase during the term of the sales agreement. The tool has been developed to streamline the performance of the sales agreements, where delivery needs have not been specified in advance. The calculated sales forecasts will make it easier for the company to stay ahead of their customers’ needs and secure the supply of goods before the customer actually places the order.


The tangible benefits you'll enjoy

Axcite Sales makes the sales order process easier and more efficient. 

Your benefits include:

Proactive correction of the confirmed delivery dates through the periodically calculation of ATP based on new knowledge after the order has been created

Import order lines from a spreadsheet

Greater customer loyalty

Less data entry

Consolidate order lines

Greater customer satisfaction

More efficient use of time

For the Sales Manager it means:

  • Better customer service: You can proactively notify customers of any changes to the delivery time after the order has been placed.

  • Better time usage: Your employees save time entering data, which can be spent on customer service and sales.

  • Greater customer loyalty: Giving customers the option to order via an app directly in your Dynamics 365 increases customer loyalty, as it makes it easier to order from you.

For the Order Processor it means: 

  • Avoid entering data: The option to import order lines from a spreadsheet saves you a lot of data entry work.
  • Customer notifications: The extension to the ATP functionality makes it possible for you to update the delivery date based on new knowledge and notify the customer.

  • Automation: When customers order standard products via an app, you can spend the time saved handling more demanding orders and providing customer service.

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