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Optimization of your supply chain that adds value to your bottom line

Microsoft Dynamic's 365 Supply Chain Management – enhanced with our modular package Axcite Supply Chain - is the market's most flexible and scalable ERP solution for medium-sized and large trading companies where the focus is on advanced logistics and distribution.

Your shortcut to a world-class supply chain

As a Microsoft Dynamics-partner, we specialize in helping trading companies to strengthen and optimize their value chains which not only benefits their clients, it also boosts their bottom line. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is the strongest and most-future-proof ERP system on the market today. It is particularly suitable for medium-sized and large companies where the focus is on advanced logistics and distribution. 

The combination of a strong standard solution, our own add-on solutions for optimizing the supply chain, and the many years of experience in industry our consultants bring to the table, make us a great choice when choosing an ERP partner to work with. 

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Let us help you by providing solutions that add value in specific problem areas

Master planning

Having the right goods in stock, in the right quantities, at the right time is essential and one of the factors that ultimately leads to a high level of client satisfaction, so it is an extremely important discipline. 

Optimum inventory level

Deciding on how much stock to hold is a delicate balance between the degree of service you'd like to offer and the inventory levels you need to have. The trick to it is managing the reordering process well in relation to future needs, procurement and delivery times, and the cost of reordering.

PLM - Product Life Cycle Management

Get help managing your product efficiently through all the stages of its life from design, prototype, and production to marketing and sale. The characteristics of a product can change over time and may vary slightly from company to company within a large organization, and that requires good management.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Automating both incoming and outgoing documents such as orders, confirmations, packing lists and invoices can not only save a lot of time, it also minimizes the risk of errors. Our tested and proven tools can help with this.

Customs Warehouse Management

Large liquid assets can be released by deferring import duties on received goods. This requires prompt and accurate management of the company's bonded warehouse.

Inventory Mangement

Should the stock be arranged so it is easy to remember where everything is? Or is it better to base it on an analysis of the optimal ‘pick and pack’ process where there is easy access to the goods that are used most often? We have experience in both methods and can give you advice on this.


Stocktaking shouldn't hinder the company's normal daily operations or delay the shipment of goods to the client. With the optimal tools, stocktaking can be done on an ongoing basis, and when it is most optimal.

Managing delivery times

Managing the delivery date of goods with long delivery times, recalculating confirmed delivery dates and letting the clients know quickly is a difficult but extremely important discipline that we help our clients to manage.

Optimizing your supply chain is what we do best 

Although no two companies are exactly alike, often the supply chain-related challenges companies face are the same. Understanding these challenges and finding suitable solutions to them is what we specialize in.

For 30 years, we've been helping trading companies to optimize their supply chains in order to ensure that they have the right goods in stock in the right numbers at the right time. This not only benefits their clients, it's also good for the bottom line.

Our consultants have worked in industry themselves. They have come from leading positions and specialized roles in finance, manufacturing and logistics in companies that are similar to those of our clients. They speak your language, understand the challenges you face, and can spar with you regarding the most optimal solutions, so you get the maximum out of your Dynamics 365 solution.

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We add value to our customers' businesses

"For the past 15 years, we have established a relationship of trust with Bredana Axcite, and we look forward to completing our change project with their consultants. They know our core competencies, our business and strategy and can challenge us."

Benny Frandsen former CEO and founder of Frandsen 

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Add-on solutions that create value

For companies whose focus is on advanced logistics and distribution, we have developed Axcite Supply Chain, a solution for industry that optimizes and streamlines the core processes along the entire supply chain. 

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We are certified as a Microsoft Partner Gold in Enterprise Resource Planning. This is your guarantee that, when you choose us as your partner, you will get professional, high quality ERP solutions that have been thoroughly-tested and are secure. 

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