Strong solution for your global financial operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

We provide the most effective solution on the market when it comes to financial, accounting and project management. Nothing else can give you a better overview of your company or boost its efficiency more than this. Finance and accounting is the very heart of your operation, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance supports all of these financial functions from the most basic to the more complex.

Better overview, control and management

With Dynamics 365 Finance, you get a strong ERP system that will support your financial department and the rest of your company in their daily tasks. You'll have tools at your disposal to improve long-term profitability and stability. It will not only give you more insight into your company's financial position and key figures, but will also update you on the status of projects – an overview that will make it easier to prioritize the day-to-day goals of the business and will give you better control of the budget. In addition, this user-friendly project management tool also makes it easy to perform the various administrative tasks that accompany each project.

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4 advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance


Use AI to assist with strategic financial decisions

Accelerate the closing of the financial year and simplify your global financial management using its comprehensive reporting functions, financial intelligence and integrated real-time analyses.


Consolidate and automate your financial processes

Enjoy the benefits of automated and prioritized accounting tasks using, among other things, role-based workspaces and Office 365 integration.


Reduce operating expenses

Run your business more efficiently across all company geographical locations using automated financial processes, budget control and financial planning and analyses.


Reduce the global financial complexity and risk

A flexible, automated, rule-based office plan including the dimensions makes it easy to adapt to changes in global financial requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance can assist with all your essential processes 

You will get recognized financial functions with broad, in-depth functionalities such as:

  • Budgeting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Reporting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Expense Management
  • Liquidity Management
  • Reporting

Microsoft's licensing and pricing

With Microsoft's lisensing model you'll pay a monthly fee per user. You will only pay for the applications, you' need access to. 

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Valuable add-on solutions 

We have developed add-on solutions for Dynamics 365 that optimizes financial processes and workflows in your organization.

Axcite Business Intelligence

Make data-driven decisions using our data warehouse solution that combines all data sources across your business in one system. This gives you better insight and improves transparency throughout your whole value chain.

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Axcite Invoice Workflow

Streamline your handling of credit invoices to save time, gain a better overview and greater flexibility from one end of your invoice approval process to the other.

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Axcite Vat Validation

Save time with automatic validation of EU VAT identification numbers.

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