Improve the quality of your product master data with Dynamics 365

Strong product master data is your shortcut to success

Poor quality product master data can be an invisible obstacle to your business success without you even realizing it. It can cost you orders and hinder your business's growth. Axcite Product Management provides structured, user-friendly tools to ensure that your master data will always be of the highest quality. This is your guarantee that the quality of items you create or maintain over time will be high.

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What Axcite Product Management can do for you

The module ensures a much higher quality of master data by using a clear, unchangeable structure to manage the master data, which not only provides a better overview, it also makes it easier to manage. Managing master data needs to be – and can be easy.


Master data becomes less complex

The aim of the module is to conceal the complexity of master data from everyday Dynamics 365 users as far as possible, to ensure maximum data quality centrally and that products cannot be used before all the required master data is in place.


Central management – local maintenance

By sharing data across companies, the system ensures data is centrally managed, while allowing it to be maintained locally in each company.


Extension of standard functionality

Most people are familiar with the challenge of managing their master data. Product master data presents the biggest challenge. In Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Microsoft introduces a division into products shared across all companies, and released products that are maintained in each set of accounts. Axcite Product Management should be seen as an extension of this functionality.


User-friendly automation

The module creates two new concepts, segments and classification. Each product has to be assigned to a segment and a classification when created. Advanced templates are maintained in each set of accounts for each combination of segment and classification. A number of field values are defined in the template, so they can be filled out automatically upon release. This makes the system very user-friendly, as only two fields have to be defined when a product is created.


Product life cycle approach improves data quality

The system’s product life cycle also helps to ensure high-quality with minimum effort. With this function, you can ensure that fields not maintained in a template – such as cost price and weight – are also specified before the product is put into use. When a product moves on in its PLC, for example to phase-out, you can again activate a range of automatic actions, such as resetting buffer stocks and blocking purchases.


Continuous data synchronisation

Product Management Extensions also contain a function for continually synchronising data. A change to an advanced template can thus be synchronised with all goods covered by the template.  The corrections can be carried out automatically, or following a review process. This avoids relatively time-consuming maintenance of product data.


The tangible benefits you'll enjoy

Axcite Product Management gives you a strong tool to help you structure and manage your master data in a very user-friendly way.

Your benefits include:

Higher quality master data

Ensure optimal data management by sharing across companies

Hide the complexity in master data from everyday users

Make sure that a product cannot be put into use without the required master data

Structure for maintenance across companies

A solution where users only have to consider two fields

The facility to correct a template, such that the correction is applied to all products covered

For the Production Manager it means:

  • Solution to a complex problem: Axcite Product Management makes sure you have your product master data under control.

  • Automation: Defined field values filled out automatically on release of the product.

  • Product life cycle: Ensures that the other fields are also entered prior to release.

  • User-friendly system: You can be confident your employees can work out how to use the system.

  • Simple solution: Your employees only have to fill out two fields.

For the Production Worker it means: 

  • Easier procedures: You only have to worry about two fields.

    Time saving: Updating master data becomes a much simpler task.

  • Greater security: The system prevents you making mistakes in pressured situations.


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