Licensing and pricing

What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 cost?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a subscription only solution, where you pay a price per user per month. This means you can adjust the number of licences you need on an ongoing basis.

Dynamics 365 consists of a number of different applications, where you choose which application the individual employee should have.

Unified Operations

The umbrella term, Unified Operations (previously called Dynamics AX), covers the following applications: 

Customer Engagement

Similarly, the umbrella term, Customer Engagement (previously called Dynamics CRM) covers, among others, the applications: 

  • Sales Enterprise 
  • Marketing 
  • Customer Service 
  • Field Service 

Different user-types

Within some of these applications, you can choose between a full user or a user type with limited options. 

If the individual user needs a full user option for more than one application, you pay the full price only for the most expensive one. For the others, you only pay for what is known as an “attached licence”.

If several employees share a device, such as a handheld terminal (HHT) or a PC, you can buy a Device licence. Basically, however, all users need to be licensed, either by having a user licence or via the device they use. 

For companies that were already using a previous version of Dynamics AX with an active renewable subscription, there is what is known as a ”From SA SKU” discount available. This has to be calculated in each separate case.

An overview of the total price and licence types in the Dynamics 365 portfolio.

In addition to the user licence, extra Sandbox environments can be purchased for testing and training purposes, just as it is possible to purchase extra database capacity if you need more than what is included in the standard package. Likewise, access to the Marketing application is not purchased as a user licence, but as a business licence.

Axcite standard modules for Dynamics 365

Most companies choose to expand their Dynamics 365 with one or more Axcite standard modules. The modules cost a set monthly fee which includes both the user right and access to continual updates. The price of the modules is based on the number of solution users:

Price overview of Axcite standard modules for Dynamics 365

Most companies find that using the standard modules often saves them having to adapt many individual programs, which makes it much easier to deal with the continuous updates.

The prices are index-linked annually on 1 May.

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