Strong functions that help you manage procurement and the delivery of goods

Better overview of procurement and delivery dates

Axcite Procurement adds a number of extras to the standard functionality of Dynamics 365 for procurement and master planning. The module improves the management of delivery times and transportation time, and automates and streamlines a number of processes that involve inputting purchase order lines and also provides an overview of suppliers.

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What Axcite Procurement can do for you

Among other things, the module provides you with the opportunity to manage overseas deliveries that have a long transportation time in addition to their normal delivery time more efficiently. It also simplifies the process of importing supplier pricing agreements and allows you to update confirmed delivery dates all at once.

Import price agreements from text files

The system allows users to easily import and maintain product numbers and price agreements from suppliers


Delivery time management for the product

For most companies that receive deliveries from overseas suppliers, the total delivery time is divided into the actual delivery time from the supplier and a transportation time. Axcite Supply Chain contains additional functionality in order to better manage and maintain this information for the given product.


Delivery date management for purchases

The improved management of delivery times for products has also been carried over to purchase orders, to provide better management of delivery dates. There is also the facility to evaluate the supplier’s general performance by updating originally confirmed dates.


Batch updates for confirmed deadlines

Confirmed dates are usually maintained at line level, but it can make sense to manage them from the order header, so that it is sufficient for large orders to only monitor lines that deviate from a generally confirmed date. It is therefore possible to do batch updates for order lines directly from the task header.


Master data at supplier level

There might be a need to only block purchases of a product from selected suppliers. It is also often desirable to maintain information on minimum orders, multi-picking etc. per supplier. These options have also been included.


Extended documentation functions

The various tables have extended documentation functions, so that quality management activities can be made more specific.


Kanban function

Kanban funtion that makes it much easier to order consumables, which are best handled outside normal inventory management.


Extended ASN function

Axcite Procurement comes with an extended ASN function (Advanced Ship Notice), which makes it possible to import packing lists in csv format. With this function you avoid data-entry mistakes and save time.


The tangible benefits you'll enjoy

Axcite Procurement provides you with a number of extensions making purchasing and inventory planning more efficient.

Your benefits include:

Avoid manual entry of order lines

Improve management of delivery and transport times

Batch update lines directly from the order header

Easier maintaince of supplier information

Block a product from being purchased

Evaluate supplier performance

For the Purchasing Manager it means: 

  • Better overview: With the Axcite Procurement Add-on, you will generally have a better overview of delivery and transportation times.

  • Less data entry: Product numbers and price agreements can be imported, saving your employees time spent on data entry.

  • Goods available at the right time: The module helps to avoid delays because you are able to manage and maintain information about the product delivery and transport times.

  • Supplier evaluation: The system helps evaluate suppliers’ general performance.

For the Purchaser it means: 

  • Easier procedures: Order lines can be imported, saving you a lot of data entry.
  • Help evaluating suppliers: Easier overview of whether your suppliers are meeting agreements made.
  • Better management tools: The system helps you better manage delivery and transport times, so that goods can arrive on time.

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