Axcite Quality Management

Strong quality control and management

Take control of your quality

Axcite Quality Management puts you in charge of quality like never before. It gives you the option of expanding your quality control to include new suppliers. It is easy to document damage to an item or to attach a photo. You can also set up a deviation report that automatically creates the corrective actions to be taken.

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What Axcite Quality Management can do for you

The module combines quality control and quality management in one quality management module with many enhancements. This provides you with a much better overview and significantly improves the degree of control you have.

Inspection for new suppliers

The module offers extended incoming goods inspection, where inspections for new suppliers are based on the number of approved deliveries of a given product.


Easy to document damage

It is possible to set up advanced document management, where receiving and inspection instructions follow the quality test configuration all the way to the individual quality order. This means that it is easy to document any damage to the goods. Photos can also be attached.


Corrective actions are initiated automatically

Rule-based non-conformance reporting can be specified, where corrective actions are automatically generated and issued to the responsible employees upon receipt of purchased goods and registration of return orders and shipments. The quality department defines the corrective actions so that a workflow is automatically triggered each time there is a nonconformity.


Blocking products

Products can be blocked for selected suppliers.


User-friendly menu

All quality nonconformities are grouped in a menu that provides a clear overview.


Extended documentation functions

The various tables have extended documentation functions, so that quality management activities can be made more specific.


The tangible benefits you'll enjoy

Axcite Quality Management gives you better overview and control of incoming goods. 

Your benefits include: 

Manage incoming goods inspection

Initiate corrective actions

Specify quality control activities

Improve documentation options in general

Create a better overview

Greater certainty that incoming goods meet the quality requirements

Improved earnings

Less risk of delivery to a customer or production being delayed

Greater customer satisfaction

For the Quality Manager it means:

  • Better overview: You get an overview of all quality nonconformities.

  • Management of corrective actions: Corrective actions such as blocking products and contacting suppliers are managed in the module.

  • Easy documentation: It becomes easy to document all nonconformities per item, per supplier, etc.

For the Warehouse Worker it means: 

  • Easy receipt of goods: Procedures associated with goods receipt will be generally easier.
  • Less risk of errors: The system explains what has to be scanned, and you can only proceed once this is done.
  • The system guides you through the process: Axcite Quality Management is on your handheld Axcite Pocket terminal, which guides you through the process.
  • Attaching photos: If a product is damaged, you can take a picture of it and attach it in the system.

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