What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?


ERP and CRM combined in one total solution

With Dynamics 365, Microsoft has created the next generation of intelligent business applications that will steer companies towards and through their digital transformation.

With Dynamics 365, Microsoft has gathered together all the basic functions a company needs in one location, combining two strong systems, the ERP and CRM functions in one single solution – in which they all work together as apps, based on one shared data model. 

The shared data model means that the exchange of data between individual apps no longer requires any integration. This makes it easy to select what you need, so Dynamics 365 offers you all the flexibility and scalability you need to support your company´s growth and digital transformation

Dynamics AX is now two apps in Dynamics 365

The planning software you might have known as Dynamics AX has now been changed to two apps in Dynamics 365 called Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Finance, respectively.

Together, they are still Microsoft's strongest ERP solution for companies that need a strong tool to manage advanced logistics. 

What you can do with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 has consolidated all your business functions in one system and that gives you a number of advantages.


Bring your entire business operation together ‘under one roof’

You can share data across business units, making it easier to break down the traditional silos that often exist in companies, creating greater transparency right across the organization as a whole. 


Cloud based 

Dynamics 365 delivers all the business applications you use in the Cloud, which gives you a number of advantages. Not only in the form of employee accessibility, but also with regard to scaling up the company´s business solution as the company grows. 



It is easy to select the applications your business needs at any given time, and increase or decrease the number of licenses required.  As a Cloud-based solution, Dynamics 365 ensures that the system supports your business´s ambitions in regard to growth.



With a Cloud-based solution, company employees no longer need to be at the office to access and use the system. The system can be accessed anywhere, on any device.




Get more out of your data

Combining your client and company data in one solution will give you a better overview, more insight and more opportunities to use the data strategically.



Be proactive

The more insight you have into your data, the more proactive you can be, using all the devices and functions you have at your disposal in the company.




Anyone can access Dynamics 365 - anywhere

Two major changes have been made to the system's accessibility in Dynamics 365 which again gives the company a number of significant advantages when working with this solution.

For one thing, Dynamics 365 has moved onto the Cloud and secondly, Dynamics 365 uses browser technology which does not need to be installed on each individual computer; it just requires an internet connection. This means you can access the solution no matter where you are or which device you are using.

A real cloud-based solution

Dynamics 365 was initially intended to be cloud-only solution with all of its applications hosted in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform.

Microsoft Azure is extremely secure as it is monitored far more closely than any company server.

If, for some reason, you do not wish to have a cloud-based solution, other options exist. Either as an "on premise" solution or a hybrid solution.

Let's have a talk about which solutions suits you best. 

Four important features that will benefit the large, international company

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management was designed to support even the most complex business processes in large, international companies. 

Countries and languages

Microsoft Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations was born to be international. It handles standard country-specific functionality for a multitude of countries and virtually all the languages you can imagine.

You specify which country each set of accounts belongs to, and the given country-specific functionality is activated. This means that specific legal requirements etc. are handled automatically. 

For each user, you specify which language they wish to use. The language layer for each user is completely independent of the country set for the accounts. For example, a Danish employee can work with Russian accounts in Danish.


Product configurator

For some companies, the product number structure for sales items can be significantly simplified by configuring sales items instead. When a sales order is created, a number of questions must be answered which determine how the goods are configured. 

This has to be carefully set up, but significantly simplifies the sales process thereafter. 

The various questions and possible answers can be dependent on previous answers. This means that only valid combinations can be chosen, and products will not be sold that cannot be produced.




Groups with a good mix of production and sales companies often need to do a lot of internal trade. This is handled in Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as standard. The goods are sold in the sales company, but drawn from another logistics or production company. 

This internal trade is automated, saving users time.



Built-in Power BI

Microsofty Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management comes with a strong Business Intelligence solution. Microsoft Power BI is simply available to all Enterprise users as standard. 

With Power BI, the user receives relevant management information directly in Dynamics AX. Graphs and KPIs are presented in a simple and clear way. If you want to analyse the data at more depth, the full Power BI package is activated directly.



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Based on the extensive experience we have gained in industry, we have developed Axcite Supply Chain, our own solution which has been specially designed for these industries in particular. So if your business involves manufacturing or wholesale supply using advanced logistics and distribution, then we're the perfect match!

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Microsoft's licensing and pricing

With Microsoft's lisensing model you'll pay a monthly fee per user. You will only pay for the applications, you' need access to. 

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