Optimize and strengthen your entire production chain 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is the strongest and most-future-proof ERP system on the market today.

A strong solution for manufacturing companies who are growing fast

If you are a medium-sized or large company that is looking for an effective tool to use in production management and logistics? Then Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is a good place to start. 

The solution supports all the central activities involved in production and can be used to solve issues in specific problem areas such as:

  • Real-time insight into the manufacturing process
  • An overview of capacity requirements in the manufacturing process
  • Collecting and getting an overview of manufacturing costs
  • Configurable products
  • Ongoing quality control in the manufacturing process

Core processes in the production chain become more efficient, are digitalized and automated, which increases the overall level of efficiency and the degree of transparency across the production process as a whole. 

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Overview of capacity requirements

You will get a complete overview of your production capacity requirements, the capacity that is available and the materials that need to be purchased, produced or moved.

Real-time insight into the production 

You will get real-time insight into the production process that will make it easier to manage and plan the production allowing you to allocate your resources as efficiently as possible and react proactively, so you´ll eliminate bottlenecks and downtime in production and delayed sales orders.


Overview of production costs

You will get a full overview of all production costs associated with production including equipment, operators and materials as well as indirect production costs, so that the pricing margin will be visible.

Configurable products

With the help of a product configurator, you will find it easy to maintain basic data, parts lists (BOM´s) and routes when you make customized products for clients.


We also help with the integration of your new ERP system into your existing MES

Our consultants have many years of experience integrating other systems into Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). We know the challenges it involves, and together we will find the optimal solution where we define where the dividing line between your Microsoft ERP system and MES occurs, and do all the development and setting up for you.

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”We have a much better overview of when and where parts are to be used in the project. We can also see in greater detail what the hours are being used on.” 

Brian M. Andersen Project Manager, VM Tarm

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Add-on solutions that create value

We have developed a solution specifically aimed at manufacturing companies who need to focus on advanced logistics and distribution called Axcite Supply Chain, which optimises and streamlines core processes throughout the whole value chain. 

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