ERP solution from Bredana Axcite to support F&H’s continued growth

The next Kähler vase, Rosti bowl or Södahl tablecloth you buy as a Christmas present, and a host of similar items, will be sold and distributed using Microsoft Dynamics AX and the Axcite Supply Chain module package. F&H has signed a deal with Bredana Axcite to deliver the system and Axcite Supply Chain – designed for trade and distribution companies, among others


Industry: Wholesale

Company size: Medium-sized  


Kähler vases, Rosti bowls, Södahl home textiles and a wealth of other familiar brands and popular Christmas wishlist items will be purchased, sold and distributed using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and the Axcite Supply Chain module package.

The F&H Group, based in Viborg, has just signed a deal with Bredana Axcite to supply the AX solution, including Axcite Supply Chain – developed by Bredana Axcite for trade and distribution companies.

“Our old system is getting a bit out of date. We want a system that supports our business model and our growth, in every way,” says Kristian Schjøtz-Christensen, IT and Finance Director.

HR and Logistics Director Ivan Jæger expects the new system to improve efficiency across the entire logistics chain.

He is looking forward to the fully integrated warehouse management and integration with the Consignor freight system – and the customs warehouse management:

“The existing system runs very slow, so I look forward to rolling it out in the chain,” says Ivan Jæger.

Customs warehouse management was actually the issue that sparked the partnership with Bredana Axcite.

“We noticed a solution that could streamline our customs warehouse management at another company in Viborg – JP Group – to whom Bredana Axcite has also delivered a solution. We were very envious,” explains Ivan Jæger.

"The consultants have their own ideas on how we can manage our processes optimally. This is a great strength.”

Kristian Schjøtz-Christensen IT and Finance Director, F&H, on the right

Consultants challenge perceptions and provide feedback

F&H’s existing system has been extensively adapted to the business procedures, and comprises a large number of subsystems.

“The challenge in making the transition to a new system is that the old system actually worked fairly well. We can therefore have difficulty ‘seeing the forest for the trees’”, says Kristian Schjøtz-Christensen.

“We needed to see things from a new perspective,” he adds.

F&H benefited in this regard from Bredana Axcite’s approach. During the needs analysis, the ‘trees were cleared’, shedding light on the situation. 

“The consultants are highly professional. They are good at challenging our perceptions and giving us useful feedback. They have already earned that praise,” says Ivan Jæger. 

“They enquire about our business processes and their deep insight into Dynamics AX has earned them great respect in the analysis phase,” says Kristian Schjøtz-Christensen. 

“We want to minimise the number of modifications. Our aim is to challenge ourselves to run the most standard system possible. The consultants have their own ideas on how we can manage our processes optimally. This is a great strength.” 

“We have turned our way of thinking around,” concludes Ivan Jæger.

“They understood our processes immediately. This has made communication between us and Bredana Axcite very easy, and made us feel comfortable with the partnership,” he says.

”Vi vil gerne minimere antallet af tilretninger, og vores målsætning er at udfordre os selv til at køre mest muligt standard".

Kristian schjøtz-Christensen IT- og økonomidirektør, F&H

Smooth start-up expected

Start-up is scheduled outside F&H’s busiest period, and Bredana Axcite will not launch the system until the super users have passed a test and the organisation is thus ready for the major change of starting to use a new ERP system.

“This approach means we are confident about flicking the switch,” says Ivan Jæger, noting that F&H has 30 super users out of around 240 employees.

The Axcite Supply Chain module package also brings peace of mind: 

“It’s very positive that Bredana Axcite is offering a standard solution. We’re getting a proven product that other companies have bought and that Bredana Axcite stands behind,” says Ivan Jæger. 

“There’s no reason to program everything from scratch. We can make use of some building blocks that already exist,” says Kristian Schiøtz-Christensen.

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