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Achieve higher delivery performance on your sales agreements with this new forecast function

October 2020 // 5 MIN

The Axcite Sales add-on module – developed for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – can add another tool to the list of value-added functions in order to streamline the sales process in medium and large-sized companies.

The new tool – which is an extension of the standard functionality in Dynamics 365 – consists of a smart forecast function which provides for optimised master planning/item requirements and also enhances the company’s delivery performance to its customers.

Streamlining sales agreements

The tool has been developed to streamline the performance of the sales agreements which companies agrees with their customers for the purchase of certain goods in defined quantities over an extended period, where delivery needs have not been specified in advance.

“In Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, there is currently no easy way to incorporate sales agreements into the master planning process. Many companies therefore handle the management and planning of these goods manually, for example in Excel – if they prioritise the resources to handle this at all, as it is a time-consuming task,” says Kim Rosenbak, Application Consultant at Bredana Axcite.

“The tool we have developed combines the standard functions for forecasting and sales agreements in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and so makes it possible to automate the planning based on when the customer is expected to purchase the goods. This makes it easier for the company to stay ahead of their customers’ needs and secure the supply of goods before the customer actually places the order.”

Calculates expected sales forecasts

The forecast function can use data from the sales agreement to calculate expected sales forecasts, providing the quantities of the relevant product that the customer is expected to purchase during the term of the sales agreement. 

The screenshots below illustrate this functionality. 

Figure 1: A new tab has been added to ‘Sales agreement classifications’ where you can enable the forecast function – which is called Axcite Forecast Integration – and specify how it should work for any given classification.

Figure 2: Within ‘Sales agreements’, a new menu item has been added to ‘Demand forecast’ from which you can view the forecast that has been generated by the function.

Figure 3: The demand forecast then looks like this for this sales agreement.

Figure 4: The function also includes a periodic task which can calculate and update the demand forecast relative to the completed deliveries from the sales agreement.

Higher delivery performance and customer service

According to Kim Rosenbak, the new function will help to improve companies’ services for customers with whom they enter into sales agreements.

“The forecast function basically makes it easier to plan production and to order goods in time, preventing low levels of stock and disappointed customers. It is a powerful tool which helps to optimise the company’s delivery performance and provides a high level of service to these customers.”

Demonstration of the forecast function

The new feature in Axcite Sales is just one of a series of powerful tools for streamlining the sales process, which includes functionality for calculating more precise delivery times, as well as flexible import and consolidation of sales order lines, which helps to save both time and resources in the sales department. 

If you want to hear more about Axcite Sales and the new forecast function, please contact us.

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