Webshop integration

Efficient webshop integration for your Microsoft ERP system

Efficient webshop integration 

If you need to integrate your webshop with your Microsoft ERP system, we have the experience and skills you need.

We offer an integrated solution that will enable you to set up and maintain data, and create structures and logins in Dynamics 365 that will automatically be sent directly to the webshop. 

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Benefits that make a difference

Integrating your Dynamics 365 with your webshop will provide you with a whole range of new opportunities.


Fewer manual procedures

When a customer orders a product in the webshop, the order is sent directly to your Microsoft ERP system, ensuring faster delivery times and efficient order processing. 


Registration of erroneous orders

You will also receive a list of ‘erroneous orders’ that have come in. These could be customers who are ‘blocked’ and require approval to make purchases.


Standard integration

The module makes it easy to integrate your webshop with your Microsoft ERP system. The process is standardised, and data structures and login information are set up and maintained in your ERP system and sent directly to the webshop.


Personalized user experience 

When a customer logs in to the webshop, your ERP system will automatically calculate and display all the product prices based on the customer’s price agreement with you. Agreements, campaigns and discounts are maintained in your ERP system.

The tangible benefits you'll enjoy

Integrating with your webshop will give you a number of advantages.

Your benefits include:

Data only has to be maintained in one place

Efficient order processing

Faster delivery

Registration of erroneous orders

Prices calculated automatically based on applicable agreements following customer login

Easy implementation

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