Lessor Payroll

 Reliable, integrated payroll solution for your Microsoft ERP system

Integrated payroll system

LESSOR Payroll is a fully integrated payroll system for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This means you will be able to recognise the logic and shortcut keys from the other modules for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This leads to greater efficiency, and also means you do not have to create data several times in the various modules, saving you time and resources.

When you choose LESSOR Payroll, you get a reliable system and an internal payroll solution you can easily integrate with other software.

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What LESSOR Payroll can do for you

LESSOR Payroll offers an efficient and flexible solution that is very user-friendly, based on the user interface and shortcuts you know from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Personnel and LESSOR Payroll integration

Personnel and LESSOR Payroll use the same employee information. This means the information only has to be maintained in one place, so you avoid the complicated process of maintaining the same employee data in different systems. Queries for a given employee can be combined directly across the two modules’ specific information, making it possible to service all levels of the company quickly and directly.

Project and LESSOR Payroll integration

Project transactions are generated from the Project module that can impact on an employee’s salary payment. The integration between Project and LESSOR Payroll saves you time-consuming double entries and minimises the risk of errors. User configuration ensures that the salary-generating project registrations are also used in the payroll. This ensures that employees receive the correct salary. The history recorded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 means you can always query an employee’s time usage on a given project, as well as how much it actually costs to have the employee linked to the project.

Time & Attendance and LESSOR Payroll integration

Approved time registrations are retrieved from the Microsoft Dynamics 365's ‘Time & Attendance’ system and placed in a payroll journal or absence journal, saving you time-consuming data entry and minimising the risk of errors. The integration also ensures that you only have to maintain payroll types and rates in the payroll module, while being able to use the information in Time & Attendance directly, for example for cost price calculations, without interface problems. This gives you an overview of resource consumption.

Finance and LESSOR Payroll integration

From LESSOR Payroll, entries are listed in a posting journal in connection with updating payroll runs. This ensures full traceability at transaction level between payroll and finance, and that month, quarter and year-end reconciliations become a simple operation.

Travel & Expenses and LESSOR Payroll integration

The ‘Travel & Expenses’ system in Microsoft Dynamics 365 handles the procedures related to booking and paying travel expenses. Employees get an overview of which expenses have been reimbursed and which are still outstanding.

Date management

Date management at all levels means that you can set future rates for collective agreements, tax information, etc. as soon as you become aware of them.

Danish legislation

LESSOR Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers you a payroll module that automatically handles and supports Danish salary legislation. It guarantees that your payroll system is always up-to-date with current legislation in vital areas.

Absence management

You can register employee absences, including leave. Depending on the configuration for each absence code, absence can trigger a payroll deduction or payment of sick pay, etc.


LESSOR Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you countless options for setting up whatever payslip profiles you need. As a result, payslips will be easy for employees to read and understand. This saves time and leads to satisfied employees. You also have the option of distributing payslips by email or e-Boks.


Holidays are an integrated part of absence management. When calculating salaries, the payroll system automatically monitors the holiday entitlement an employee has accrued in the company. Holiday accounting allows you to answer queries from the employee or department manager regarding remaining holidays, and to continuously monitor provision for holiday pay.


You get an excellent tool for correcting/adjusting employees’ pay, absences and master data. The review calculation is integrated in the payroll run and calculates the employee’s salary for the period during which there are corrections. Using the review journals will lead to an efficiency gain, and the information will also be presented to the employee in a clear way. This makes a post-adjustment to pay easy for the employee to understand.

Balance runs

When setting up LESSOR Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics365, it is possible to set starting balances for the various employees. These balance runs ensure that you can easily use data from other systems, and avoid having to query previous payroll systems. Balance runs are also used to make any adjustments during the year, making it easy and efficient to handle various issues, such as changes in the employment relationship.


The solution handles e-income reporting, which is compulsory for all parties with a reporting obligation. Upon request, LESSOR Payroll generates the files you need for e-Income – both for handling e-tax-cards and the files that have to be reported to e-Income after each payroll run or at least once a month.

Payroll runs

In LESSOR Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics 365, the payroll run is the operation that handles updates to employees’ salaries. Before the update it is possible to:

  • Calculate an/all employees’ salary, print payslips and generate a finance posting list and an error report. This ensures that the salary is correct, and you avoid having to make any corrections to the salary next time.
  • Perform a pay calculation for a given employee. This allows you to see all the pay lines which are calculated for the employee. This gives you a unique opportunity to discover any mistakes earlier in the process.
  • Cancel a pay calculation for a given employee, a group or for all employees. The option to cancel a single employee and re-calculate for this one person means that you save time by not having to recalculate for all employees.

You decide when and for what period you want to simulate a payroll run. Following an update, it is possible to reverse the payroll run for one or more employees with errors in their pay. Aperiodic payroll runs can be used to pay subsistence allowances, subsequent payments to employees who have resigned, etc. This means fewer manual vouchers, because the employee is paid via the payroll system. It also makes reconciliations less time-consuming and more transparent.

The tangible benefits you'll enjoy

LESSOR Payroll is an effective and realible solution that makes all the processes related to payroll management easy and user friendly.

Your benefits include:

Integration with Dynamics AX boosts efficiency

Test calculation ensures correct salary payment

Grouping of employees by hours and salaries

Payslips via email or e-Boks

Integration with clock in/out and absence registration

Overview of equipment issued (phones, PCs etc.)

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