Maintaining your external documents has never been easier with this simple design

The best EDH solution on the market

There are many pitfalls in the area of document management that can play havoc with the budget and the time you spend on it, but if you tackle it correctly, your whole Microsoft ERP solution will become even more efficient. 

With Lasernet from Tabellae, you'll get the market's leading EDH solution for managing incoming and outgoing company documents, such as invoices, order confirmations, credit notes, packing slips and more, in any format. 

This solution will not only ensure that your outgoing documents look professional, it will also turn them into a more effective sales tool. The more documents you handle and the more international trade you generate, the more valuable Lasernet will be to your organization.

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What Lasernet can do for you

With Lasernet, you are guaranteed a quick and hassle-free implementation that will get you off to a good start right away.

User-friendly with easy maintenance

Maintaining and updating documents couldn´t be easier, as you will be able to  make simple changes to a document´s format, contents, method of distribution, design and layout yourself in no time at all.


Fast, secure integration

Fast, total integration that doesn´t need any codes. All your business logistical information remains in Dynamics 365, so any upgrades will not affect your documents.

A cost-effective solution

The cost of creating documents from scratch is actually less than that of coding documents in Reporting Services. So the solution pays for itself in no time.

Supports any format

Supports receipt and conversion of all incoming electronic orders and invoices in, for example, OIOUBL, OIOXML, EDI, EDIFACT, EHF, Svefaktura, Finvoice and XML.


Professional documents

Makes it easy to create professional documents that live up to client requirements and applicable legislation in any country. You can also work with different languages and brands. 


Supports document processing from start to finish

Lasernet supports the entire documentation process from the initial design to formatting and distribution.

Connector included

The Lasernet solution includes both a software package and a connector that includes PDF archiving, file archiving of unprinted documents that can be opened and read directly in Dynamics 365, a document distribution management system in Dynamics 365 and a document preview feature.

Get off to a good start with the Best Practice Package

Tabellae has put together a Best Practice Package which we recommend that our clients include in their ERP project right from the start. 

The package includes: 

  • Best Practice advice compiled from +500 implementation projects
  • 14 predefined document templates
  • Knowhow re: international formats, requirements and options, among other things.
  • Courses, training and local support in several time zones.

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The tangible benefits you'll enjoy

A solution from Tabellae doesn´t only make it easier to maintain your documents, it also reduces risks, and saves you time and money.

Your benefits get:

External forms in an easy design

A document package that includes templates – ready to customize.

Easy maintenance

No extra cost when you upgrade Dynamics AX to a newer version, as the system is located outside Dynamics AX

A connector included

One system for everything

Greater security as the system prevents you from making mistakes when things get hectic

A system that can support any format

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