Scandinavian Aviotics

"Dynamics 365 will take our operation to new heights"

Scandinavian Avionics, an international company which supplies and services electronic parts for the aviation industry, chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – enhanced with the Axcite Supply Chain modules from Bredana Axcite to replace their old solution, which they had developed themselves.

Scandinavian Aviotics

Industry: Manufacturing

Company size: Medium-sized


Greater efficiency throughout the business

”Dynamics 365 will give us a significant boost. It will give us far more control and better information than we have today,” says their Director of Compliance & IT, Keld Poulsen, who is the internal project manager for the new ERP system.

The flow concept makes the processes much more efficient, and the Cloud technology means that data can be registered as it is received and is available where and when you need it. 

”I strongly believe that this has definitely freed up manpower in finance and logistics as well as the technical departments. This will mean that we can carry out tasks we cannot do today,” says Keld Poulsen.

Scandinavian Avionics does business in many parts of the world, where the company, among other things, services Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 passenger aircraft.

”Dynamics 365 complies with individual, local legislation and our employees across the globe can really see the advantages of that. At the moment, invoices have to be generated in stand-alone systems in countries such as Greece and India, among others. Using the new system, we won´t have to do that at all anymore,” says Keld Poulsen.

Having all the data in one single system also provides much greater transparency across the group´s different companies.

Cloud presents new opportunities

As many as 15 local ‘sites’ around the world are connected to Dynamics 365 which, because it is a Cloud-based solution, can be used anywhere on any device as long as you have access to the internet.

Cloud also allows clients and business partners to access the system, too, if we want them to be able to do this.

”The client creates their own case file entering the data he wants us to use for the task. This means we do not have to retype the data and can thus optimize our planning process, as we know when we will receive the equipment. At the same time, this also saves us money when we are working with key accounts, and the clients will receive better service as they can follow the progress of the case in our system,” says Keld Poulsen.

Scandinavian Avionics also benefits from the support Dynamics 365 provides in production. The company produces a limited number of components in-house.

”The solution has all the tools we need to handle our own production series. Everything from forecasting to parts lists and stock management.”

In general, the bar code solution lives up to the high standards of documentation and tracing the aviation industry demands.

”The Needs Analysis carried out by Bredana Axcite reassured us that we were on the right track. It certainly gave us the impression that the consultants understood our business. The analysis is a good, solid piece of work, and we haven't seen anything like it anywhere else.” 

Keld Poulsen Director Compliance & IT, Scandinavian Aviotics

Great opportunity to trim business processes

The industry's many rules and regulations have meant that the previous system the company used evolved as and when it became necessary, so some processes and workflows are really more complicated than they need be.

Keld Poulsen sees this as a good opportunity to trim the way things are done.

”I see the Dynamics 365 project as the perfect opportunity to review and optimize our workflows and processes,” says Keld Poulsen.

The incisive Needs Analysis made Bredana Axcite the preferred choice 

Scandinavian Avionics has been a client of Bredana Axcite for a number of years, as the company has been using Axapta to manage its finances alongside its own system.

Before they chose this system and a business partner, a very thorough analysis of the opportunities it could provide was carried out.

”A lot of programmes have been designed for companies in the aviation industry. But none of them met all of our needs,” says Keld Poulsen.

”We wanted just one system. That's why we chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the enhancements Axcite Supply Chain can offer.”

”In the end, the overriding factor was that most of what we wanted to include in the system could be solved using the standard version,” says Keld Poulsen.

The Needs Analysis swept away any doubts we might have had as to who should supply the solution and be our sparring partner through the whole process of optimizing workflows and processes:

”The Needs Analysis from Bredana Axcite reassured us that we were on the right track. It certainly gave us the impression that the consultants understood our business. The analysis is a good, solid piece of work, and we haven't seen anything like it anywhere else,” says Keld Poulsen.

”Bredana Axcite took all the time they needed to really get to the bottom of things and verify what could be done using a standard system, and what would require an enhancement". 

Facts about Scandinavian Aviotics

Founded in Billund in 1978.

Supplier of state of the art quality products, services and global support to the avionics industry – electronic aircraft components.

The SA Group supplies total solutions to both the civilian and military aviation industries, helicopters, private aircraft and drones

This includes maintenance, certification, design and development, installation, product development, manufacturing and training and consultancy services.

The SA Group is a distribution and service centre for the majority of original parts supplied to civil aviation, and also has agreements with many military aircraft part manufacturers. 

Clients are distributed across Europe, Africa, countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East and the Far East. Support is provided globally around the clock.

The headquarters is located in Billund which houses 55 employees. In total, the company has 125 employees. 

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