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Dual-write will ensure higher data quality for D365 users and a better user experience

June 2020 // 2 MIN

Microsoft has launched a new integration solution, Dual-write, which will streamline interactions between the Dynamics 365 applications, and improve the user experience significantly.

The new two-way integration solution from Microsoft enables data to flow seamlessly between Microsoft's business applications, greatly improving the user experience, and ultimately ensuring that your data will be of a much higher quality thanks to its special validation control. 

What is Dual-write?

Dual-write is a new, out-of-the-box, two-way integration from Microsoft that ensures that data flows seamlessly between Microsoft´s ERP and CRM solutions. The solution is somewhat of a game changer in terms of the interaction it enables between the applications in the Dynamics 365 palette, as it improves the user experience significantly and makes essential workflows far more streamlined. 

The solution that simplifies data maintenance

This solution makes it easier for Dynamics 365 users to maintain shared master data as any changes carried out in, for example, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management are automatically transferred and overwritten in your other D365 applications via the Microsoft Dataverse (former Common Data Service), and vice versa. Hence the name dual-write. 

Microsoft Dataverse is a data storage service from Microsoft that lets you collect data and share it across your different business applications. And with Dual-write, synchronizing your data across your applications is easier than ever. Where data was previously updated and synchronized across business applications in periodic runs, it is now carried out in real time.

Strong validation control

The advantage of the real-time function is that the user can see immediately if your data cannot be validated in the other applications. If, for example, you create a new debtor in the system, each different system will require different fields to be filled in (mandatory fields). 

With Dual-write, this is validated across all the related solutions – all at once. If the data is not filled in correctly, the synchronization between the application in which you are making corrections and Microsoft Dataverse will not be successful. It will tell you why the synchronization has not been successful, so you can correct the error right away.

This strong validation control ensures that data is identical across all the applications, improves data quality and makes it much easier to maintain master data.

Integration with third party applications 

It is not only Microsoft's own applications that are compatible with Dual-write. Dual-write has the potential to pave the way for seamless integration with third-party solutions from Oracle, Adobe and SAP, among others.

A better user experience and fewer errors

The solution is flexible and it's easy to get started as it requires a minimal amount of coding to set up. What's more, Dual-write works both online and offline, and is the only integration solution of this type on the market at present. There is no doubt that Dual-write will elevate the user experience of Dynamic 365 users, who have always been limited by the lack of integration, to new heights. Similarly, support and system administrators will have less maintenance to do and fewer issues to solve working with Dual Write. If an error occurs when inputting data, the administrator will automatically be notified right away, so the error can be corrected. 

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