Axcite Pocket

Easy and efficient stock control

Axcite Pocket is an integrated stock management solution that uses bar code scanning developed for Microsoft Dynamics AX. 

Optimize stock operations using your AX system

With Axcite Pocket, we have transferred the features of Dynamics AX into a handheld scanner which is used to register all stock operations. Not only is it easy to use for all the employees who work with stock, it also means your stock is always up to date in real time in the AX system. 

This solution helps optimize the entire stock operation and makes far better use of the storage space you have at your disposal.

Axcite Pocket has been specially developed to be used with Dynamics AX 2012 and previous versions of AX. In Dynamics 365, this functionality is included in the standard solution. 

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What you can do with Axcite Pocket

This solution will optimize your entire stock operation, as it will be easier to register stock movements and ensure that Dynamics AX is providing a realistic picture of the stock situation in real time. 

Bar code scanners make the job easier

The Axcite Pocket solution transfers the entire Dynamics AX functionality into a handheld terminal in the warehouse. Terminals featuring bar code readers make the day-to-day work of managing the stock significantly easier. Stock control becomes far more efficient and is based on real-time registrations which can be tracked from start to finish.


Data is updated online

The data that Axcite Pocket processes is Dynamics AX's own data. It is updated online each time an item is scanned. This means the dispatch department can check whether an item has been received or has been picked out for delivery without any delays. What is more, the sales person can always provide the client with accurate information on the status of a delivery.


Provides unique support for Dynamics AX logistics

The solution supports the business logic developed in Dynamics AX, which can only be achieved using an integrated system such as Axcite Pocket. For example, it will only allow you to move stock to other locations that are included in the correct stock dimension group. Otherwise the fields will not appear.


Server speed of the Pocket PC

Dynamics AX runs at the same speed on a Pocket terminal as it does on a desktop computer, as it uses a Windows or Citrix terminal client over a wireless network connection. 


A user-friendly solution

On the Pocket PC, Dynamics AX screen displays are simple and easy to work with. The hardware solution we recommend from Motorola includes integrated scanners, a touch- sensitive screen and a wireless network. It includes the following features: Goods receiving facility, dispatch facility, stock transfer and counting, corrections, pick for manufacture and/or project, WMS pallet transportation and WMS pick, pack and ship function.


The tangible benefits you´ll enjoy

Axcite Product Management has been designed to solve complex problems once and for all, and put you in charge of your product master data.

Your benefits include:

Better quality master data

A simple solution where the user only needs to fill in two fields

The ability to correct one template, and have that correction apply to all the goods it covers.

The security that comes from knowing that an item cannot be selected for use without having the required master data

A structure that can be used to maintain master data across companies

Defined field values that are completed automatically when the product is released for use

Greater security, as the system prevents you from making errors in stressful situations

Time saving: updating master data will be much easier

For the Warehouse Manager it means:

  • Greater efficiency: More efficient inventory processes, from receipt to shipment.
  • Fewer mistakes: The barcode system effectively prevents picking and packing errors.
  • Full traceability: Complete control of what has been shipped from the warehouse
  • Easier staffing: The solution requires a minimum of system knowledge, so it is easy to assign new employees during holiday leave etc.

  • Better use of space: Better use of space Implementation of Axcite Logistics can also lead to much better utilisation of warehouse space through reorganisation.

For the Warehouse Worker it means:

  • Easier procedures: Every activity you do will be easier with the barcode system in Axcite Pocket.
  • You are guided through the process: The system helps you to remember all the registrations.
  • Quality assurance: Axcite Pocket raises the general quality of your work and reduces the number of errors.
  • Refilling when time permits: The system generates a list of locations that require refilling. This can be done when there is time available.
  • Easier to do stocktaking: Continuous stocktaking is possible, so a large annual stocktake is avoided.


For the Sales Responsible it means:


  • Real-time inventory data: You can always give the customer a precise answer as to whether a product is in stock.
  • Fewer mistakes: Picking and packing errors are reduced dramatically with Axcite Pocket.
  • Time saving: You can spend time on sales rather than handling complaints and return orders.


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